Helipad Community Involvement

UCSF has conducted a number of community meetings to answer neighbors’ questions about the helipad.  Medical transport staff, pilots and helicopter noise consultants have participated in meetings with neighbors to answer questions and to discuss how other communities are managing their relationships with hospital helipads.  UCSF conducted a helicopter flight test in response to a request by Mission Bay neighbors, on October 21, 2007, and gathered noise measurement data from seven different locations. The data were used to inform the EIR for the UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay.  

UCSF continued to work with neighbors to develop the Residential Sound Reduction Program for Helicopter Operations (RSRP).

As UCSF prepares to initiate helipad operations with the hospital opening in February 2015, we look forward to meeting with you in the fall to present more information about the helipad and the opening of the UCSF Medical center at Mission Bay. We will also notify you of plans for a test flight once scheduled for late 2014.  Please contact our office to be added to the email notification list.

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While the Community Process Summary provides information about specific Residential Sound Reduction Program (RSRP) meetings, UCSF conducted many more meetings (just 20 have links, but there were earlier ones), including some key meetings on the helipad.

Prior Meetings and Mission Bay Medical Center and Helipad Documents


Residential Sound Reduction Program (RSRP) for Helicopter Operations

UCSF has developed a Residential Sound Reduction Program in consultation with the community to address the potential impact of helicopter noise from the proposed helipad. UCSF hosted community meetings Wednesday, November 19, and Thursday, December 11, 2008 to solicit community feedback on the draft RSRP. Meeting announcements were emailed to a neighborhood listserv of over 450 people, including key neighborhood organizations, and two postcard notices were sent to 260 nearby residences (owners and tenants) and 34 absentee owners. UCSF staff also conducted door-to-door outreach and phone calls to invite community members to attend the meetings and to discuss the proposed program. UCSF revised the program in response to this feedback.

For more information on RSRP outreach and program elements, please see:

Following are links to related documents:

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