UCSF recently adopted its Long Range Development Plan and will begin renovations on major campus buildings starting in May, 2015.  The first phase of the project will include the demolitions of Medical Research Building 4 and Laboratory of Radiobiology.  Starting in fall 2015, UCSF will renovate and make seismic improvements to the Clinical Sciences Building on Parnassus Avenue.  This project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.


For more information on changes planned for the Parnassus Campus, visit UCSF's LRDP page.

Community Process

UCSF held a meeting on April 28, 2015 to discuss upcoming construction projects at UCSF's Parnassus campus and plans to improve the Parnassus streetscape:  Agenda and Presentation

An earlier community process discussed the future of UC Hall, which will be renovated and used for housing and office space by 2019.

UC Hall Study Group Meetings:

March 14, 2011: Agenda and Presentations

April 27, 2011:  Agenda and Presentations

May 19, 2011:  UC Hall Site Tour Photos

June 29, 2011:  Agenda and Presentations and Presentation2

July 28, 2011:  Agenda and Presentations

August 29, 2011:  Agenda and Presentations

September 27, 2011: Agenda and Presentations

October 20, 2011: Agenda and Presentations

UC Hall Public Meetings

February 13, 2012: Agenda and Presentation

November 16, 2011: Agenda and Presentations