UCSF Mission Bay Campus

UCSF Mission Bay is the newest link in a campus chain that connects virtually every San Francisco neighborhood.

This sprawling 43-acre campus, located in the midst of a 303-acre residential and business development, will support 20 structures dedicated to biomedical research and education. The first research building, UCSF Genentech Hall, on the southwestern portion of the site bordering 16th Street, opened in January 2003.

Mission Bay will include three specialty hospitals—providing children’s, women’s, and cancer services—designed to elevate patient care to a new level of excellence.

UCSF Mission Bay Campus

From the community’s standpoint, Mission Bay represents enormous opportunities for:

  • Creative partnerships—UCSF’s Community Advisory Group (CAG), which was reconfigured to include members who live near Mission Bay, offers input on all stages of campus planning.
  • Employment—UCSF expects the Mission Bay project to house 9,100 University employees, many of them in new jobs. This does not include jobs that may be created by the biotechnology and life sciences businesses that we expect to surround the campus.
  • Business—As the Mission Bay campus transforms the area into a hub of health care innovation, UCSF is partnering with biotech enterprises and others to move medicine to them next level.
  • Cultural enrichment—The campus will enhance the cultural life of the neighborhood by reserving at least eight acres of publicly accessible open space, devoting one percent of the $1 to $2 billion in construction costs to a public arts program, and providing conference and recreational facilities for community members in addition to the campus community.

Current Projects at Mission Bay Campus Include:

Mission Bay Phase 2 Planning

UCSF is embarking on Phase 2 of the new Mission Bay campus, which includes improving the Mission Bay campus for pedestrians, evaluating additional on-site housing options, and making other campus improvements. More

Mission Bay Planning Principles

The Mission Bay Community Task Force, made up of members of the surrounding community, has implemented principles that will guide the development of the campus over the next five years. More

Mission Bay Cellular Antenna Installation

UCSF is proposing the installation of permanent cellular antennas at the Mission Bay campus to provided reliable cell service for employees, patients, and visitors. More

Mission Bay Hospital Project Construction Hiring

UCSF is committed to creating jobs and opportunities for San Francisco residents as it builds a $1.5 billion, 289-bed hospital complex on the Mission Bay campus. More

For more information about UCSF Mission Bay Campus, please contact:

Heather Carroll-Fisher—Assistant Director, Community Relations
Tel: (415) 476-8431
Fax: (415) 476-3541
Email: hcarroll-fisher@cgr.ucsf.edu

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